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Weekend Updates

Friday 15th, attended intermediate class with Cosmin. It was an intense class, with long counts at the barre, longer than I was used to. As well, there were many good strengthening exercises that helped me in the center. I had some difficulty relaxing, and due to my tension related to being in a new atmosphere/with a new teacher, I didn’t get the most out of the class that I could have and I didn’t find my best work. I still was having trouble with assembles, but jetes were easier. Learned proper 4th position feet, forward foot toes turn in, heel simply lowers to the floor where it was in tendu. The physical adjustment to this new knowledge is kind of stressful.

Saturday morning class with Anna. Was glad to have made it on time, finally, I didn’t have to work the previous night so I did have the time. Was still sore and tired from Friday, and got very frustrated during class. I was mad and felt like everything I did had was of no use or effect. I couldn’t move much and I was pretty stressed. Felt almost like I should not have gone.

Sunday technique & partnering with Molly. I worked a lot on my mood, and relaxing, on my way to class, meditating and applying positive thinking. I didn’t eat much for breakfast, just some watermelon, and stopped when I felt full. I think this all had a good effect, because I felt relaxed and was able to get through class despite being sore and tired. I did much better than Saturday or Friday.

Partnering was fun. Met a new ballerina. She had some experience already. There was a sequence of me in 4th, left arm open, right arm up, she did bourrees and then pique to take my hands. I turn beginning with left arm, then step back so we’re both croise, then step to left side and assist her in arabesque. It was difficult learning to partner by the arms instead of by her waist. I had to have “strong arms”, which Anna says all the time in her class, but now it had been put to the test. I had to straighten my arms out, really extend them, to meet her when she got up on pointe, because she got much taller.

Worked on my first lift today, a small entrechechat. Learned to hold at the ribs. Teacher said not to be shy on lifting, so I worked on doing a good lift with plenty of strength. It did not feel difficult and I didn’t feel like I was straining my back or my arms. Accidentally went up on releve during one lift.

Enjoyed the class very much, and the work. Another class tomorrow morning, then rest on Tuesday.